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Sightglass Coffee Roasters SF

I have certainly always been interested in coffee. Caffeine is such a noticeably strong drug it seems the most universally acceptable addiction.  The Bay Area excels at attracting and cultivating artisanal producers. Things like chocolate, coffee and pastries reach great heights in this region where the raw materials are among the highest quality. Attention to detail can thrive where people still pay attention, especially lit up on strong coffee.


Sightglass coffee is direct importing roaster with two locations in the city.  The architecturally stunning 7th street location in SOMA (South of Market Street) is their flagship. Their coffee mugs pictured here come from another favorite of mine  Heath Ceramics, a pottery operation that hardly needs introduction because of their quality. I think the best bet at Sightglass is to sample a pour over single origin, particularly a natural process from central america. I am in agreement with Timothy Hill, the buyer from Counter Culture who makes the point that Natural Process is akin to natural winemaking, letting the full range of the coffee come into expression via passively drying the coffee cherry. At Sightglass the execution and selections are always impressive. If I lived closer by I most likely would be akin to drinking their drip coffee or espresso. Grinders are EKK 43 – Mahlkönig, and hum with beautiful efficiency.


Sightglass has a great story; starting from a simple cart, to occupying the entire warehouse behind where they setup. Music is always played analog via a central record players, and all coffee is roasted on a vintage gas fired PROBAT roaster, a cast iron American-made behemoth that fills the location with aroma. Coffee isn’t good unless it’s served from someone with large gauges, tattoos, loudly dyed hair, or facial piercings – Sightglass adheres to this maxim at every visit.