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Category: Bay Area

Food from Location within the Bay Area

Napa Valley

I’ve been to Napa Valley a twice now. The first time I was taking my first Sommelier Exam and I neglected to reserve a room, so I ended up sleeping in a random vineyard, waking up freezing albeit under stars…

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If you caught my Ultimate Oakland post, you would know that I got the idea to quasi stalk someone based upon a Refinery29 article on Oakland. When I arrived at Umami Mart, I was told I should totally give Kronner…

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On a Mission

Upon coming to San Francisco, I was told that the place I would most likely enjoy living the most would be The Mission district.  I assume this is because of the food culture there, some of the most innovative I’ve come across…

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Ultimate Oakland

When people ask me about Twitter, mostly people that don’t use it, I always tell them how great it is. Here is a story about why. So I follow a blog called Umami Mart, I found the site when I was looking…

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