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Cho Man Won: Korean-Chinese

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Korean Chinese food for me can go two ways – a restaurant trying to diversify and doing neither cuisine well or in Cho Man Won’s case, where both the cuisines both shine together in loving harmony.


Cho Man Won is located behind the upscale looking O Dae San ( same owners) on Olympic Blvd. I literally got some pre-emptive meat sweats walking in, thinking I might have mistaken a dumpling excursion for Korean BBQ. Across the street apparently was another fusion restaurant that looked both scary and intriguing at the same time.

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A nice partially outdoor patio with trademark flat screen televisions displaying live tweet feeds greeted me and my partner in crime.


As I was slightly late, the banchan had already hit the table and I was impressed by it’s quality. The Kimchi was fresh and pungent; the radish had a nice crunch and the pickled golden beet was provided good contrast. I mean this was really good kimchi, which I found really surprising.

I’m beginning to notice that kimchi quality is in no way correlated with anything else about a dining experience. I’ve had not so great stuff at Kobawaoo House which was a fantastic meal overall, and i’ve had so-so stuff at Jeon Ju (which is about 5 minutes from this place) which was another fantastic meal. Gamja-Gol is a really poor selection of banchan overall, but the kimchi was fantastic. Expect a Kimchi Confidential post soon.

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