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Vita e Vini d'Abruzzo

This is the second part of a series on my recent trip to Abruzzo and Rome to Masciarelli Winery. See Part One Here, Part Two Here

Driving around the countryside in Abruzzo is magical. Everywhere I looked I got the feeling that nature was slowly reclaiming the landscape, that the people here were intimately connected to their surroundings, rather than seeking to dominate them.

After a brief nap I sat down to enjoy a glass of the 2009 Masciarelli Trebbiano di Abruzzo in the tasting room at Castello di Semivicoli, I was surprised by it’s acidity and the presence of an underlying mineral tone. I have often in the past thought of Trebbiano as potentially round, creamy, and flabby – but this was a food wine.


MAN : 2013

Looking back, 2013 was simply a great year for running around the world and eating great food with fascinating people.

a barrel aged beer from Monk's Kettle in San Fran
a barrel aged beer from Monk’s Kettle in San Fran

Here is a quick look back at some of the most popular things I ate and places I visited.

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Jeon Ju

Jeonju takes it’s name from a city in South Korea known for food and festivals (Chosen as a Creative City for Gastronomy by UNESCO) that lies on a vast fertile plain famous for produce and strawberries. Jeonju was also extremely…