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On a recent New York trip, during one of the coldest blizzards that I have ever endured I found myself enveloped in the heat Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine. After going through several multiple course iterations at Michelin star restaurants, I wanted to break it up a bit with something a little more rustic, but the cooking at Khe-Yo is serious, and the service exemplary.

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Starting off with warm and friendly face, as well as a great explanation of the restaurants focus I which I really appreciated we were brought a slightly steaming small basket. Inside was aromatic long grain rice nestled inside some bamboo leaves.

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Designed for scooping with hands, this glutinous but dry rice left me with the sensation of snorting cocaine when dipped into the highly addictive bang-bang sauce. A condiment of fresh red chilies and cilantro pounded in a mortar with lime juice and fish sauce. I thought there might be some sesame and/or some soy sauce as well. This was an intriguing flavor that cleared the nostrils immediately with a kick to the tip of the tongue followed by a mild yet potent heat. I ate my weight in this rice.

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Our next course was a bamboo grilled ginger quail with the same bang-bang sauce and Chinese broccoli (Gai-Lin). Well-seasoned with nice charcoal char and juicy flesh, this dish was a great start. This meal was starting to feel very primal with the ripping of flesh from sticks and eating by hand, something very comforting in light of the blight outside the door.

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