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Ensenada and the Golden Coast

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About an hour south of San Diego traveling by toll road lies Ensenada, the Cinderella of the Pacific. What was once a fledgling settlement for Jesuits seeking to indoctrinate the semi nomadic Yumi people has become a cosmopolitan city of a half million thriving on a mix of military spending, shipping, and tourism. 

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Sage at The Aria

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I used to do Vegas all wrong; I used to hang out in the casinos, walk around aimlessly, and wander in and out of the clubs. These days when I visit Sin City I only go for a couple reasons: the restaurants and the pool parties (and the opportunity to find a bathtub I can actually fit in, which is rare).

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When I heard that Chef Shawn McClain put together the menu at Sage flanked by a Master Sommelier built wine program I was certainly interested.

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One of the things I really liked about Sage was how affordable it was overall (on the fine dining level) $59 for an early evening menu and $90 for the tasting menu. Why waste your time gambling when you can eat your hard earned dollars?

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It also helps to travel with lots of pretty women – this kind of thing is actually quite common in Vegas with Sheiks rolling around with their entourages of beautiful girls. If there was a place to buy a Sheik outfit I would’ve certainly picked one up, but alas all I had was a sport coat. 

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Aqua Grill & Cronuts

After seeing a friend a in SoHo and stopping at some of my favorite shops there (Uniqlo, Evolution NYC – the mecca of science geekdom in NYC) we embarked on a quest for cronuts at Dominique Ansel Bakery that ended not entirely in vain. Cronuts, the croissant doughnut hybrid that swept the nation in buzz fueled fervor a few months ago.

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The made to order madeleines were perfect, although the hot chocolate wasn’t entirely that impressive, nor as hot as I would have liked it to be. The chef was in the house being interviewed in the back. With these creations he is on his way to further celebrity chefdom; most likely spending his future away from the kitchen and behind the camera.

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