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Plow in Potrero Hill

Unless you wish to get into the lore of breakfast burritos, wax poetic about pastry, or are seeking outstanding examples of specific dishes, Plow in Potrero Hill is the best place to get breakfast in San Francisco. Notice the eggs, yolks cooked to perfection with no opaque color while the whites have just the right amount of crust. The herbed breakfast potatoes served with a pleasing crunch and the pancakes, simply divine in weight, size, and flavor. Artisanal house made pork sausage patties served slightly pink in the center, and perfect for soaking up stray syrup. My only issue with this beautiful display of breakfast mastery is the syrup actually – I would be surprisedĀ if it were a graded maple instead of an off the shelf imitation. A nice touch would’ve been to heat it as well.

plow sf

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